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Actions throughout Europe on World Health Day in support of the European Citizens Initiative ‘No Profit on Pandemic’

D 6 April 2021    

On April 7th, World Health Day, across europe civil society organisations and health activists undertake actions to demand equal access worldwide to anti Covid-19 vaccines and to ensure that profit does not prevail over health. The actions are coordinated by the European Network against privatization and commercialization of health and social protection and People’s Health Movement (PHM).

For 5 years, the European Network and PHM have come together on World Health Day to raise awareness about the catastrophic consequences that commercialisation and austerity measures have on health. This year, the two networks are joining efforts with the European citizens initiative (ECI)- Right2Cure to ask European institutions and governments to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines and medical products are available to everyone, everywhere and in due time.

In an open letter addressed to the European Commission and European leaders last week, the European Network and PHM, together with 83 signatories stressed that “the only effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic is one of global scale, based on global solidarity.” According to UNICEF, only 43% of the world’s vaccine production capacity is currently used to produce corona vaccines. The European Commission is blocking a proposal within the World Trade Organisation to temporarily remove patents on vaccines, treatments and technologies against COVID-19. However, this proposal could greatly increase global production capacity by allowing pharmaceutical companies worldwide to produce the approved vaccines.

On World Health Day, actions will take place throughout Europe to make sure that decision-makers take their responsibility, and re-shape the EU COVID-19 strategy to reflect the ideals of the right to health and ensure health is not treated as a commodity. In Brussels, in front of the European Commission, an action will take place including a flash mob showing the unequal distribution of vaccines around the world (12.00 h, Schuman Roundabout).In addition to the action in Brussels, events will be organised in Germany, Italy, Croatia, and other EU countries.

The European Citizens’ Initiative ’No Profit on Pandemic’, aims to collect 1 million signatures to urge the European Commission to make anti-Covid-19 vaccines and treatments accessible worldwide, and give full transparency on the ongoing negotiations with pharmaceutical companies. The initiative has received the support of over 130.000 European citizens and over 300 organisations so far.

Contact :
Sarah Derdelinckx - +32499 35 26 36 -
Coordinator, European network against against privatization and commercialization of health and social protection,

Ana Vračar - +38591 574 4567 -
Coordinator People’s Health Movement Europe

Julie Steendam - +32497 79 35 27 -
European coordinator,


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