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April 7 campaign 2021: Right2Cure

D 23 March 2021    


This April 7, show your support in support of Right2Cure for accesible vaccines for all!

Everyone should have the right to live a healthy life, free from this pandemic. For this, access to COVID-19 vaccines is essential. However, while pharmaceutical monopolies are restricting supply, rich governments are hoarding doses... This means that countries in the South will have to wait until 2023 for widespread vaccination, which will not only result in more deaths, but will also allow the virus to continue to spread and mutate, threatening the entire world once again. In addition, the pandemic has become a huge and lucrative business at great cost to our health and to the lives of many people around the world.

We cannot remain silent in the face of this situation

The EU institutions and the governments of European countries must now take responsibility and adapt their response to the pandemic, ensuring that vaccines are available to all and that the interests of pharmaceutical companies do not come before the health of people. This is what the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)Right2cure is calling for.

As for the last 5 years, the European Network Against Commercialisation and Privatization of Health and Social Protection and the People’s Health Movement, are coordinating a day of action in Europe on 7 April, International Health Day, and are mapping out plans and actions to show how widespread the fight against the commercialisation of health is. This year, both networks are mobilising in support of the Right2Cure ECI with the aim of mobilising citizens and lobbying governments to achieve:
• free, universally accessible and affordable vaccines for all countries
• more transparency on all issues related to the pandemic and that no profit is made at the expense of our lives
• the urgent removal of patents on vaccines and other medical COVID-19 products
• the sharing of knowledge and technological know-how of pharmaceutical companies so that production can be expanded.
This is what the Right2Cure ECI is asking the European Commission to do by proposing a concrete legislative amendment. To do this, we need the signatures of one million EU citizens. The pandemic has created exceptional circumstances that require immense efforts from all of us. Yet the pharmaceutical industry continues to operate as if nothing has happened, putting profit before life. This unforgivable behaviour must stop. If not now, then when?

How to take action on April 7?

Please find more information here:

And most importantly!

Don’t forget to share and ask people to sign the ECI in every communication and action you do:

We still need a lot of signatures to show how much we, the citizens, cannot stand the logic of profit over health.

By 7 April, we expect to double the number of signatures across Europe to 250,000 signatures.

Do not hesitate to share this call to action with your networks, your partners, your friends, your cousins, your neighbours and other committed people!



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