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Material 7 of April 2021 in support of ECI Right2Cure

D 18 March 2021    


On this interactive map you can locate your action for the 7th of April.

Manual on how to put your actions on the interactive map:

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos on the map on the day itself AND through social media by using #health4all, #noprofitonpandemic #right2Cure and #action4health!


1. Write your message on a white sheet and hang it in a visible place out of your window
2. Take pictures of your action
3. Upload your pictures on the interactive map above
4. Upload them also on social media
5. Add the following text

If you can’t hang a sheet at your window, write your slogan on a blank page or print one of those visuals below and hold it front of you. Then, as for the white sheet action, take a picture of yourself, post it on social media with this text.


  • No profit on pandemic JPG - PDF
  • Health for all JPG - PDF
  • Public money, public control JPG - PDF
  • Transparency now JPG - PDF
  • People before profit JPG - PDF
  • People’s vaccine, not a profit vaccine JPG - PDF


  • Pas de profit sur la pandémie JPG - PDF
  • La santé pour tou.te.s JPG - PDF
  • Argent public, contrôle public JPG - PDF
  • Transparence maintenant JPG - PDF
  • La vie avant le profit JPG - PDF
  • Un vaccin pour le peuple, pas pour le profit JPG - PDF


  • Que nadie se lucre JPG - PDF
  • Dinero publico, control publico JPG - PDF
  • Transparencia ahora JPG - PDF
  • Una vacuna para la gente JPG - PDF
  • Salud para tod@s JPG - PDF
  • La vida antes que los beneficios JPG - PDF


  • Nessun profitto sulla pandemia JPG - PDF
  • Salute per tutte JPG - PDF
  • Soldi pubblici JPG - PDF
  • Vogliamo la trasparenza JPG - PDF
  • La vita prima del profitto JPG - PDF
  • Un vaccino per le persone JPG - PDF


  • Geen winst op de pandemie JPG - PDF
  • Gezondheid voor allen JPG - PDF
  • Transparantie nu JPG - PDF
  • Mensen boven winst JPG - PDF
  • Publiek geld, publieke control JPG - PDF
  • Vaccin voor de mensen JPG - PDF


  • Kein Profit durch die Pandemie JPG - PDF
  • Gesundheit für Alle JPG - PDF
  • öffentliche Gelder, öffentliche Kontrolle JPG - PDF
  • Transparenz Jetzt! JPG - PDF
  • Menschen vor Profit JPG - PDF
  • Impfstoffe für alle, nicht fürs Profit JPG - PDF


There is also one visual here without slogan on it so that you can add your own. However, we do recommand that you use one of the slogans we came up with to show consistency JPG - PDF


Each organisation can print those stickers and put them on a visible place, wear them to show their support on April 7th.



Share this publication on Facebook to shed some light on the 7th of April campaign. Publications are available in French, English and Dutch. Copy-paste this text in your publication.

On March 31, publish this video and follow this instructions in this document on Facebook.

On April 7, change your profile picture by adding the European network’s frame on it. On the day itself, the European Network will make a Facebook post in French and English. On this post, people will be able to click on a link which will directly allow them to add the frame on their profile picture.

Facebook frames have also been uploaded on Facebook in other languages: Croatian, Dutch, Georgian, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Spanish. To add the frame in one of those languages, please follow those instructions:

  • Click on your profile picture
  • Click on « update profile picture »
  • « Add frame »
  • Type health4all, noprofitonpandemic or right2cure in the search section to look for the frame
  • Select the frame in your language
  • Click on « use as profile picture »

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Share this publication on Instagram to shed some light on the 7th of April campaign. Publications are available in French, English and Dutch. Copy-paste this text in your publication.

On March 31, publish the video on Instagram. Video will be released on March 31.

On April 7, change your profile picture on Instagram and replace it by this picture

On March 31, publish this video on Twitter. Copy-paste this text in your post.
On April 7, share the picture of your white sheet action on Twitter following those instructions. Copy and paste the following text [link] on Twitter. Upload this video [link to the video] and tag the accounts on the right column of the table.

Visit and follow our Twitter account
@Right2Cure @phmeurope


Open letter
Send our open letter signed by 88 organisations to your local and/or national, european policymakers.
Please find the letter here in word in differents languages:


Press releases

coming soon

And, of course, do not forget to ask people to sign the European citizen’s initiative and share the link to the website.

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