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On April 7, 2020, World Health Day, spread European solidarity for a universal public health policy!

D 4 April 2020    


On April 7, 2020, World Health Day, spread European solidarity for a universal public health policy!

5 March 2020
Co-signed by 160 organizations

The outcomes of the deliberate choice to impose responsibilities of the European Union (EU) on Member States through austerity policies are being illustrated by the current failure of health care systems and public services. This despite the courage and self-sacrifice demonstrated by workers. We demand that lessons of this crisis are learned now and are not lost. Health is not a cost but an investment, health is not a commodity.

The EU can still overcome this crisis by radically changing the course of this institution.

It cannot depend on directives in the hands of the European Commission and the Council of Ministers. Neither can it depend on directives of the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which have reduced the EU to a mere economic control entity imposing austerity that only serves international finance and industry.

The EU must become a political entity responsible for organizing social solidarity between people. And this social solidarity should be based on strong public services that can cope with the hazards of life and guarantee access to common services for the entire population. The Parliament, as the representative body of the people, must have a preponderant role in the organization of this solidarity.

This is the cost for which a political and social Europe can have a future. We call for solidarity between people for the opening of borders and for an awareness of our common destiny: a universal public health service.

For Europe we demand a public health service that is based on solidarity and that is universal and accessible to all, everywhere.

7 April is World Health Day.

We call on you to show your support by "spreading solidarity, not the virus" with a "white sheet" action on 7 April:
1. Hang your messages on a white sheet in a visible place or make a poster at home
2. Take a picture/video of yourself with your messages
3. Share them

  • on social networks with the hashtag #health4all and send it to your policy makers.
  • on the interactive map here
    (How? Follow the link of the interactive map - write the address of your location - click on "add to map" - add an image or video)

At the initiative of / A l’initiative du / Op initiatief van / Por iniciativa de / Su iniziativa di
European Network against the Privatization and Commercialization of Health and Social Protection / Réseau européen contre la Privatisation et la Commercialisation de la Santé et de la Protection Sociale / Europees Netwerk tegen de privatisering en commercialisering van gezondheid en sociale bescherming / Red Europea contra la Privatización y Comercialización de la Salud y la Protección Social / Rete Europea contro la frivatizzazione e la commercializzazione della salute e della protezione sociale - +32499 42 44 48 - -

And the 160 co-signatories / Et les 160 co-signataires / en de 160 ondertekenaars / Y los 160 firmantes / E i 160 cofirmatari

International coordinations and networks / Coordinations et réseaux internationaux / Internationale coordinaties en netwerken / Coordinadores y redes internacionales / Coordinamenti e reti internazionali
Alter Summit, European Federation of Public Service Unions EPSU, People’s Health Movement, Uni Global Union – UNICARE, Réseau Syndical International de Solidarité et de Luttes, Society for International Development SID

National and local coordinations and organizations / Coordinations et organisations nationales et locales / Nationale en lokale coordinaties en organisaties / Coordinadores y organizaciones nacionales y locales/ Coordinamenti e organizzazioni nazionali e locali
AIEA Associazione Italiana Esposti Amianto (Italy), Armonie (Italy), Asociación Nación Mujeres (Spain), Alianza por la Solidaridad (Spain), Alzheimer Belgique (Belgium), АРК Автономен Работнически Синдикат / Autonomous Workers Union (Bulgaria), Approdi (Italy), Artsen zonder vakantie/Medecins Sans Vacances/Medics Without Vacation (Belgium), Asamblea en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública de Toledo (Spain), Asociación Derecho a Morir Dignamente de Madrid (Spain), Asociación En Defensa de la Sanidad Pública de Aragón (Spain), Asociación Sanidad Pública Si, de Burgos (Spain), Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women ESE (North Macedonia), Association of Democratic Doctors Germany (Germany), Associazione Salute Pubblica (Italy), Audita Sanidad/Auditoria Ciudadana de la deuda en Sanidad (Spain), Attac Bruxelles (Belgium), Attac Deutschland (Germany), Attac France (France), Belgian Anti-Poverty Network BAPN (Belgium), (Belgium), СБМС Синдикат на Българските Медицински Специалисти/Union of Healthworkers (Bulgaria), Campagna Dico 32 (Italy), CCOO Federación de Sanidad y Sectores Sanitarios (Spain), Centre d’Etudes et d’Initiatives de Solidarité Internationale CEDETIM (France), Centrale Générale FGTB/Algemene Centrale ABVV (Belgium), Centrale Nationale des Employés CNE (Belgium), Centro di Salute Internazionale e Interculturale CSI (Italy), CGT-Sanidad (Spain), Clinique Sociale de Solidarité d’Athenes (Grèce), Colectivo m129 (Spain), Comitato Collaborazione Medica CCM (Italy), Confederación de Consumidores y Usuarios CECU (Spain), Confederación Sindical de CCOO (Spain), Confédération des Syndicats Chrétiens de Belgique/Algemeen Christelijk Vakverbond CSC/ACV (Belgium), Conseil Bruxellois de Coordination Sociopolitique (Belgium), CONUP (Italy), Corporate Europe Observatory CEO (Europe), CSC Services Publics (Belgium), Comitato per la Difesa Della Salute Nord-Ovest Milano (Italy), Communico Society საზოგადოება კომუნიკო (Georgia), Coordinadora Anti-Privatización de la Sanidad Pública de A Coruña Mareas Blancas (Spain), Coordinadora de Madrid por la Defensa de las Pensiones Públicas,CORPEN Madrid (Spain), Coordinadora Estatal por la Defensa del Sist. Público de Pensiones COESPE (Spain), Coordinadora Estatal de Mareas Blancas (Spain), Coordinadora Estatal de Plataformas Afectados Hepatitis C (Spain), Coordinadora por la Sanidad Pública de Aranda y la Ribera de Aranda de Duero, Burgos (Spain), Coordination des Associations pour le Droit à l’Avortement et à la Contraception CADAC (France), Coordination Nationale des Comités de défense des hôpitaux et maternités de proximité (France), Cultures et Santé (Belgium), Dentisterie Sociale (Belgium), Derechos Humanos de Madrid (Spain), Desorceler la finance/Unbewitch Finance Lab (Belgium), Ella/Kenniscentrum Gender en Etniciteit (Belgium), Espace Seniors/Réseau Solidaris (Belgium), Federacion de Asociaciones Para le Défensa de la Sanisad Publica (Spain), Federación Regional de Asociaciones Vecinales de Madrid FRAVM (Spain), Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging FNV (The Netherlands), Fédération des Associations Sociales et de Santé (Belgium), Fédération Générale du Travail de Belgique/Algemeen Belgisch Vakverbond FGTB/ABVV (Belgium), Fédération des Maisons Médicales (Belgium), Fédération SUD Santé Sociaux (France), Femmes et Santé (Belgium), Femmes Prévoyantes Socialistes (Belgium), Fonds social intersectoriel pour Institutions sociales et de Santé de Bruxelles-Capitale (Belgium), Foro de Movimientos Sociales de Madrid (Spain), Forum Gauche Ecologique/Links Ecologisch Forum (Belgium), Forum per il Diritto alla Salute - Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Global Social Justice (World), Forum per il Diritto alla Salute (Italy), Gang des Vieux en Colère/Gang van de Razende Ouderen (Belgium), GAMP (Belgium), Geneeskunde voor het Volk/Medecine pour le Peuple (Belgium), Georgia Red Cross Society საქართველოს წითელი ჯვრის საზოგადოება (Georgia), Green Italia (Italy), Gruppo Prometeo (Italy), HartBovenHard (Belgium), Health Poverty Action (UK), ჯანმრთელობის ხელშეწყობისა და განათლების ფონდი/Health Support and Education Fund (Georgia), I+ Solutions Universal access to essential medicines (The Netherlands), Infirmiers de Rue (Belgium), ISDE Medici per l’Ambiente (Italy), Laboratorio Salute Popolare (Italy), Lama (Belgium) Les Equipes populaires (Belgium), Ligue des Usagers des Services de Santé LUSS (Belgium), Loop-s (Belgium), Maison médicale Saint Léonard (Belgium), Mandala მანდალა (Georgia), Marea Blanca Córdoba por una Sanidad Pública Universal y de Calidad (Spain), Marea Blanca Gaditana (Spain), Marea Blanca de Segovia (Spain), Marea Blanca Rioja (Spain), Marea Blanca Sevilla (Spain), Médecins du Monde - Dokters van de Wereld (Belgium), Medicina Democratica (Italy), Medicus Mundi Spain (Spain), Memisa (Belgium), Mesa en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública de Madrid MEDSAP Marea Blanca (Spain), Modus Vivendi Réduction des Risques liés à l’usage de drogues (Belgium), Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien MOC (Belgium), Movimiento Asambleario de Trabajadores/as de Saniidad MATS (Spain), Movimento per la difesa della sanità pubblica veneziana (Italy), No Grazie Pago Io (Italy), Organization for Workers Initiative and Democratization OWID (Croatia), O’YES Organization for Youth Education & Sexuality (Belgium), Plataformas Afectados Hepatitis C de Salamanca (Spain), Peer Education Bologna (Italy), Plataforma de Centros de Salud de Madrid (Spain), Plataforma en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública, de Burgos (Spain), Plataforma en defensa de la Sanidad Publica en el valle del Tiétar (Spain), Plataforma en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública de Guadalajara (Spain), Plataforma Social en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública de León (Spain), Plataforma por la Sanidad Pública de Palencia (Spain), Plataforma en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública de Valladolid (Spain), Plataforma Sanitaria de Astorga (Spain), Plataforma de Melgar de Fernamental, Burgos (Spain), Plataforma Que No Pase + (Spain), Plate-forme d’Action Santé et Solidarité/Actieplatform gezondheid en solidariteit (Belgium), People Health Movement Italia (Italy), Policies for Equitable Access to Health PEAH (Italy), Pour la Solidarité (Belgium), PROSAGAP Profesionales da Sanidade Galega Publica (Spain), Réseau Wallon de Lutte contre la Pauvreté RWLP (Belgium), Rete per il diritto alla Salute di Milano e Lombardia (Italy), Rete Sostenibilità e Salute (Italy), Sacopar (Belgium), Santé en Lutte (Belgium), Segretariato Italiano Studenti di Medicina SISM (Italy), Senza Limiti-onlus (Italy), Sindacato Generale di Base SGB (Italy), Società Italiana di Medicina delle Migrazioni SIMM (Italy), Solidaris (Belgium), Solidarity Network Independent Union სოლიდარობის ქსელი - დამოუკიდებელი პროფკავშირი (Georgia), Sportello Ti Ascolto (Italy), Spreading Solidarity not the virus Bruxelles (Belgium), Syndicat des Employés, Techniciens et Cadres/Bond van Bedienden Technici en Kaderleden SETCA/BBTK (Belgium), Syndicat Sud santé sociaux 59 (France), Union Syndicale de la Psychiatrie (France), Union Syndicale Solidaires (France), Vereniging van Wijkgezondheidscentra (Belgium), Vindicato de Mujeres (Spain), Viva Salud (Belgium), Welfare Foundation ველფეარ ფაუნდეიშენი (Georgia)


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