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#Action4Health 2020: European day of action against the commercialization of health and social protection

D 5 March 2020    


All actions with physical contact (gatherings in the streets, events with crowds...) have been cancelled. 7 April actions will be be organized through social media and the press. Show your support with the white sheet action!

Act for #health4all on 7 April!

In 1950, the World Health Organization declared April 7 World Health Day. But five years ago, the European Network Against the Commercialisation and Privatisation of Health and Social Protection (European Network) renamed this day the European Day of Action against the Commercialisation of Health and Social Protection.

The European Network, joined by the People’s Health Movement and other networks, for the fifth year in a row, call for health system users and health workers to participate in this European Day of Action.

Our health system is being eroded for the benefit of commercial insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and to pursue a policy of New Public Management in our health institutions. The quality of care is declining, working conditions are deteriorating, salaries are stagnating and employees in the sector are faced with an ever-increasing workload.

Public and non-market services can no longer meet the needs of the population due to a lack of resources. And commercial players are entering the "market" to fill the void created by this policy. These commercial services offer more expensive services to the customers who can pay more for them. This means that wealthier citizens can afford fast, regular, quality care. Others have to make do with the care that under-funded public and non-market services can still offer.

Because healthy, quality services start with sufficient funding...

Because a population can only be healthy if market forces are thwarted...

Because access to health means guaranteeing financial, geographical, temporal and cultural accessibility for all...

Because health democracy is essential...

Because 75% of our health depends on social, environmental and gender determinants...

Because medicines policy must be at the service of the population and not at the service of multinational pharmaceutical companies ...


Around 7 April, all over Europe and around the world, social movements will demand refinancing and a better distribution of resources for health and social protection in order to put an end to commercialisation in order to guarantee access to health and well-being for all.

Actions are being organized...

  • in FRANCE with white sheet actions on April 7 in healthcare facilities
  • in the NETHERLANDS with a major conference on Monday 30 March
    Organizer: FNV
  • in SPAIN with large demonstrations in different cities
    Organizer: Mareas Blancas
  • in ITALY with a national conference on the funding of health and its accessibility in Milan on Saturday 4 April and actions in the public space
    Organizers: Medicina Democratica ONLUS, Dico 32 Lombardia, PHM Italy
  • in NORTHERN MACEDONIA with a press conference on Tuesday 7 April in front of the Ministry of Health "Government can’t put my health on the market"
    Organize: Association for emancipation, solidarity and equality of women (ESE)
  • In CROATIA, TBD, 4 events in Zagreb on improving social, environmental, ecological, and gender determinants of health: children, migrants and aging population
    Organizer: Organization for Workers’ Initiative and Democratization (OWID)
  • in GERMANY, on 25 April in Mannheim for an action on health and accessibility for people with Multiple Sclerosis
    Organizer: PHM Germany
    Contact: GREECE, GREAT BRITAIN, GEORGIA...and elsewhere in the world!

Join us by adding the details of your action or event on the interactive map available here:

White sheet action everybody, everywhere!

You can show your support for the movement on 7 April too!
1. Write your message on a white sheet and hang it in a visible place.
2. Take pictures of it
3. Share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #health4all

Poster in English JPG and PDF
Poster in French JPG and PDF
Poster in Dutch JPG and PDF
Poster in other languages are published here soon! Contact if you want to add another language!

23 April: conference at the European Parliament « OPEN ACCESS » to #Health4all !!

Fighting against the commodification in Europe… it’s guaranteeing accessibility for ALL to health and social protection

Our fight is for real access to health and social protection for all!

Download the logos of the European Network in your language

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