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Health in all policies! Guide & Phonebook For A Healthy Europe For New MEPs

D 4 July 2019    


Civil Society Developed A Guide & Phonebook For A Healthy Europe For New MEPs

Civil society organisations from across sectors, such as health, development, environment, food, agriculture, social affairs, trade, have developed a Guide & Phonebook on how newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) can improve people’s health in Europe and beyond by ensuring the implementation of a Health in All Policies approach.

In the last legislature, health and social justice issues significantly fell down the EU political agenda. This resulted in missed opportunities to decrease health inequalities, to increase the years people spend in good health, and to reduce societal costs related to ill-health.

New MEPs will have the unique opportunity to take a strategic leadership role in putting people’s physical and mental health and their well-being at the center of EU policy-making. By doing so, you will restore confidence in the European project at a crucial time of unprecedented change in political and public life.

To ensure health in all policies, MEPs can:

  • Support strong governance to ensure the implementation of health in all policies
  • Make health a strategic priority in the next EU 2019-2024 strategic agenda and legislature
  • Introduce a health impact assessment mechanism
  • Ensure a high level of health protection and promotion in all EU policies

More information and concrete recommendations can be found in the Guide which also contains a phonebook with contact details of different organisations and individuals for thematic expertise.


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