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Conference of Mareas Blancas on the Spanish Health System

D 1 February 2019    


Find here the video of the conference, organized by the National Coordination of Mareas Blancas on the "Main Model of the National Health System" on 29 January 2019, Campoamor Hall, Congress of Deputies, Madrid.

Find all the information about the conference here

In view of the accelerated destruction of primary care in accordance with the various political actions and the precepts of a mercantilist model, the coordination decided at its 8th Assembly that the time had come to remember, value and above all demand the restoration of values. primary care and its countless qualities for the satisfaction and well-being of citizens; well beyond their welfare nature.

This conference is the result of a synchronized work by the Mareas Blancas of the different territories of the Spanish State that jeopardizes the foundations of the national health system, developed by the General Health Act (1986), which developed art. 43 of the Spanish Constitution.

Previously, trends in progress in health and democracy had been strengthened by focusing on local medicine using simple methods, based on scientific and socially acceptable foundations, available to individuals, families and communities at an acceptable cost to cover each step. This was the task that led to the Alma Ata International Conference (1978) and other events or personalities such as Marc Lalonde, published six years before the impressive report that shook health policies in the civilized world.
The day was composed of three parts: the first table devoted to the primarist model in today’s socio-political context; the second position table of various parliamentary groups in Congress; and one third of questions.


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