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In France, a national demonstration on the 11th of December of social workers

D 30 November 2018    


In child protection, specialized prevention, housing, social centres, local missions... the social is burning!

Everywhere, women employees are mobilizing to denounce the breakdown of the social sector, the destruction of public services, the drastic reduction of budgets in associations and the destructive arrival of the financial world and commercial privatization in the social sector.

In Lille on 11 December 2018, let us make the voice of our camp heard, the voice of social and medico-social employees, the voice of the people and families we support.

We want to work with dignity, we want the means to work, we want time to help.

To face the attack we are undergoing, it is important to continue to build a general movement in the social work sector and to contribute to the "all together!" against devastating policies.

Faced with this situation, let’s come out, out of our isolation and get organized!

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