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7 April 2018: Launch of the campaign: One year to say no to the commodification of health!

D 12 April 2018    



7 April: European Day of Action «All for Health»

Launch of the campaign:
One year to say no to the commodification of health!

Once again, citizens and health professionals have joined forces to denounce the commodification of health. Hundreds of organisations, networks, collectives, delegations and trade unions in Europe and throughout the world organized actions in more than 69 cities for World Health Day on 7 April.

The actions were supported by thousands of white sheets hung on the windows of institutions, hospitals, medical homes or offices of associations and visible in the streets and on the squares (follow the link for the map of actions and photo album).

On 7 April the "European Network against the commercialization and privatization of health and social protection" launched a one-year campaign for non-commercial health for all until the European elections of May 2019.

A strong message has been sent to the European institutions and to Member States. The actions, gathering thousands of people, demonstrated the determination of the European citizens to continue their struggle for quality healthcare, accessible for all, free from commercial operators and interests.


In Spain, demonstrations and gatherings have been organized in Madrid, with a human chain in the centre of the city (Puerta del Sol) as well as in many places including Barcelona, Rioja, the region of Castilla la Mancha, Andalusia, Valencia, Murcia and the Canary Islands, among other communities; another event will soon happen in Galicia. Thousands of people have demanded a drastic change in government policies to reach the objective of health in all policies, because health is everything.

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In Italy, behind the slogan "Dico32 ! Salute per tutte e tutti!" demonstrations and rallies were organized in all the important cities (Milan, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Napoli, Latina, Rimini, Roma, Molise, Empoli, Firenze...) that have involved activists and contacted thousands of citizens. The participants wanted to highlight that the National Health System is and should stay a common good! Health must be adequately financed and not dismantled to promote the expansion of the health market.

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In France, the national coordination for defending proximity hospitals and the collective "Our Health is in Danger" have organised several playful initiatives, demonstrations and rallies in Paris, Lille, Rennes, Metz and Nice and in many hospitals in mobilisation. Denouncing the privatisation of hospitals and of social protection, but also of the national railway in support of current struggles, the demonstrations have called for a convergence of all struggles.

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In Belgium, the Platform for action on health and solidarity opted for an action in the European quarter of Brussels. 150 people symbolically inaugurated the stele installed in front of the European Parliament, announcing the start of the European year against the marketing of health before joining the headquarters of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) to demand a different medecine policy, at the service of the population and not for the benefit of pharmaceutical multinationals (find the video here). At the same time a playfull action was organised in the center of Brussels against the privatisation of nursing homes and kindergartens (find the video here).

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Actions and events have also taken place in the following European and world countries: the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Croazia, Greece, Turkey, Gaza, occupied Palestinian territory, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Gabon, DR Congo, Kenya, Benin, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Philippines, India, Nepal, Canada, Australia.

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Contact in Brussels
Sarah Melsens, European Network against Health commercialisation; +32 499 42 44 48

Contact in France
Jean Vignes, SUD Santé Sociaux ; +33 6 58 58 96 06

Contact in Italy
Chiara Bodini, People’s Health Movement Europe; +39 328 7554698

Contact in Spain
Carmen Esbri, MEDSAP - Marea Blanca; +34 60 900 42 64


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