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April 7 : denouncing Health commercialisation everywhere in Europe !

D 27 February 2017    


On April 7, we call for the second edition of the European Day of action against Health commercialisation. In 2016, actions took place in Belgium, France and Spain and several other activities accross Europe have been shared through social medias.

In 2017, the objective is to have significant and visible actions in 7 or 8 European countries. It seems to us important to :

  • mobilize health professionals
  • give confidence building on possible victories, as well as propose alternatives
  • be as close as possible to local struggles/demands
  • use the opportunity to do popular education

Below some elements you could use to rise awareness about the European aspects of the attacks against Health systems in Europe.

We propose
1. a general political framework
2. a website to document commercialisation in Europe (
3. other communication tools : social media action, logo, fb, twitter, european map of actions

Together, all around Europe, we can build a wide social alliance with the message
Our Health is not for sale ! #health4all

1. Political content

The two axes below are the proposed common political framework :

1. Denouncing current austerity measures and their consequences
- direct consequences : long waiting lists, degradation of working conditions, job losses, various negative effects on the social determinants of health
- indirect consequences : public under-investment leading to privatisation, outsourcing policies (social dumping), PPPs and PFIs, reduction in patients/users reimbursments and development of private insurances...

2. Denouncing free-trade
- Deregulation and regulation in favour of transnational corporations;
- General competitive bidding in the Single Market, widening of the health market with health as a commodity : public/associative organisations cannot compete...
- Policies favouring financial capital and TNC : Big capital lobbying, collusion, corruption
Adding to those denunciations, we propose to lead an « idealogical » struggle/campaign against neoliberal ’common sense’ i.e., private is more efficient, is cheaper, etc... : Privatisation commercializes health vs health as a fundamental right in a true democracy, risks selection, privatisation of benefits vs socialisation of losses, degradation of working conditions, deepening inequalities,...

Based on this political framework, we are willing to elaborate more precise European demands (linked with local demands) we could use to confront political leaders (more informations soon).

2. The website

On 7th of April 2016 we launched the website aiming to gather precise/local information about commercialisation processes in Europe.

We strongly invite you to use it and complete it; there is the possibility to publish informations concerning your country easily.
User guide
Guide de l’utilisateur

As last year, we are also proposing a "white sheet" action through social medias. The idea is to ask citizens, health workers, etc... to hang a white sheet from the window with a message against commercialisation and to take a picture sending it through social medias with the hashtag #health4all.
See pictures of last year

3. Communication tools

You could use this logo in all your communications to mobilize for April 7
download in color English Français Español Italiano
download in B&W English Français Español Italiano

FB event
A facebook event has been launched where you could find updated informations about actions in the different countries.

Follow the following Twitter accounts to be informed regularly :
More for twitter...

Map of actions #health4all

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