European Network against privatization and commercialization of Health and Social protection
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D 1 September 2014    

The Network has as objective to defend a universal Health and social protection solidary funded. The member oganizations of the Network fight localy against its commercialization and privatization. The Network gather Health users and workers, trade union and associative organizations, political parties and social platforms.

The European network against commercialisation and privatisation of health, which met in Warsaw on 6 and 7 October 2012, has reaffirmed its essential principles as defined in the Nanterre declaration of May 2012, i.e. universal access, public funding or funding based on contributions, depending on the country, health that is protected against market logic and genuine health democracy.

Accomplishing these four issues involves putting a stop to liberal policies on a regional, national and European level. To this end, the Network will:
- encourage exchanges between members in different countries;
- produce analyses, proposals and joint demands;
- raise public awareness and make health-care players aware;
- mobilise and lead campaigns.

The Network intends its strategy to be one of expansion on all levels:
- to move from the idea of healthcare to address the deciding factors for health, that it is to say the right to work, labour conditions, housing, environment;
- to move from the struggle on the local and or professional level to more general, global campaigns, by rallying the public;
- increase the number of countries taking part in the Network and the number of organisations in the countries represented or existing on the European level, which share the common cause;
- move from concerns linked solely to healthcare in order to progress to a strategy targeting the causes of its deterioration, which are namely the convergence of European policies of austerity, instrumentalisation of debt, application of European treaties, including the fiscal compact:
- expand national analyses and campaigns to take European issues into account by way of wide-ranging debates.

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